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Learn to sing your favourite Bollywood song with Preety

Preety offers 1-on-1 online coaching that will train you to sing your favorite Bollywood movie song to the best of your abilities.

What you will learn:

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Coaching classes for all ages & skills

You are never too old or too young to learn to sing Bollywood music. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you haven’t sung in a while, and want to brush up on your singing skills. Preety makes it fun and easy for anyone to learn their favourite song.

Preety’s 1-on-1 online coaching program is designed to get you to sing one Bollywood song of your choice, really, really well.

4 week course, with 45 minute class per week.

US $100


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What people are saying:

"I've been learning Bollywood singing from Preety for 3 months now. My experience learning with her has been wonderful. The first song she taught me  was "Kal Ho Naa Ho". Preety, apart from being an exceptional singer, has a knack for teaching music and is easy to connect with. Learning from her has been a blessing :)"


Rupa S.

New Jersey, US

"I highly recommend Preety for anyone who wants to learn to sing Bollywood songs. I'm not a professional singer - but I love singing. Preety has fine tuned my skills, and shows a lot of patience to keep encouraging me to do better. She is very flexible when required to shift class timings occasionally. I look forward to her classes"


Nosheen R.

Dubai, UAE

"My 10 year old daughter is learning Bollywood singing from Preety. She’s an amazing teacher. She knows how to engage a student during the class and make it more interesting for them. We are happy to choose her for our daughter’s teacher. All the best Preety!"


Gopal R.

Texas, US

"I love taking lessons from Preety. She is a very good musician and also very skilled at teaching. She is good at assessing her student's abilities and interests and adjusts her lessons accordingly. It's been just a few months but I have improved a lot in my singing. "


Lisa K.

Michigan, US

About Preety Bhalla

Preety has performed all over the world & has sung for Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam films. She is trained in Hindustani Classical music. She has performed as a playback singer for various Bollywood movies, music videos, festivities, as well as for high profile dignitaries.


However, the reason she started her coaching classes, is to encourage others for their love of singing. This is not about learning the fundamentals of singing, but rather being able to sing your favourite song and have fun doing it. Everyone has different skill levels, and learns at their own pace. Preety is friendly and encouraging, and you will love learning to sing with her.

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